My TBR as K-pop Idols & Songs

Hello readers (and listeners)!

My blog post was entirely inspired by Sarah Suk’s thread, “BTS as my #SpringReading2020 list,” as seen on Instagram and on Twitter! Naturally, since I’m a huge fan of K-pop and especially BTS, I thought this idea was so cool, but I wanted to take it a step further.

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watching the world pass by: a playlist

Hello readers/listeners!

These past few months, I have really come to realize how much I love creating playlists. I discovered that I needed playlists for practically every mood I could come across once it came to my attention that my big over 500 song playlists would not do.

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What I’m Listening To

Hello readers/listeners!

Time to continue balancing the “lyrical” side of this blog with the “reads” side! You may have noticed that this is the second post entitled “What I’m Listening To.” What I listen to tends to change quite often (I mean, it does stay within the area of K-pop), and my playlist keeps growing longer and longer. I figured I would share some of the songs I have had on repeat during July since the month is almost over!

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What I’m Listening To

Hello readers! (listeners?)

The past few years that I have been blogging, I have never been totally dedicated to showcasing the “lyrical” side of brand’s (?) name. Sure, there are books with lyrical prose but besides loving books, I love music. And, you may have noticed, I have recently fallen in love with K-pop.

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Seventeen Book Tag: Members Edition

Hello readers!

A few months (?) ago, I shared the first part of Laura and Romie’s Seventeen Book Tag, the song edition. Since it’s been *checks calendar* three months since I did that tag, I think I’m way overdue for doing the second part of the tag series! I can say that since February, not only have I read ~a little bit~ more, but I’ve also fell deeper into the K-pop hole (hey there Stray Kids👀).

So without further ado, the Seventeen Book Tag: Members Edition! 

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Ten Songs I Wish Were Books

Hello readers!

Today I come bearing a Top Ten Tuesday post that originated back in 2016!

…Nice job, Sara.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke & the Bookish, but the series moved over toThat Artsty Reader Girl as of January 2018!

I should probably warn you that a lot of these songs are going to be k-pop, but I will scatter some other genres in there, too, because I do like other kinds of music, I promise.

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SEVENTEEN Book Tag: Song Edition

Hello readers!

Since I don’t read much during the school year (unless you count historical and philosophical works that make my brain into mush), I thought posting a book tag would be a lot of fun! My friend, Laura (Green Tea & Paperbacks), and her friend, Romie, created three different tags for the kpop group, SEVENTEEN!

If you know a little bit about me, you know that I’ve recently become obsessed with kpop (particularly BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, and NCT…so if you want to talk kpop, you know where to find me!!). It’s the perfect time for me to do the song edition of the SEVENTEEN book tag!

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