Review: Everything I Thought I Knew by Shannon Takaoka

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Surprisingly, September has not been a terrible reading month. While my college decided to open campus amidst COVID-19, things have…not been looking good, so I think I really tried to get a handle on my life by reading. It is always nice to know that every morning during breakfast I’m not going to be looking at a screen. Reading during breakfast is honestly a great way to start my day, and I really look forward to that quiet time. Before I start going on a tangent, here is my review for a special book I got to read recently, Everything I Thought I Knew by Shannon Takaoka!

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Review: Our Bloody Pearl by D.N. Bryn

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I hope you are all doing well (especially those who are back at school)! It’s definitely been a more stressful time, so please remember to take care of yourselves💞

Anyway, it’s review time! If you like adventures with sirens and stories with found families, I would recommend Our Bloody Pearl—read on for more about this book!

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In Which I React to The Poppy War (No Spoilers!)

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Time for a fun (hopefully??) post! Not that reviews can’t be fun, too, but it was about time to bring back one of my favorite books of all time: The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang (also my interview with the author can be found here!).

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Mini Reviews: Someone Give This Heart a Pen // The Sisters of Straygarden Place

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Since I’ve been reading a fair amount of YA books (contemporaries, specifically), it was a wonderful breath of fresh air to read Somebody Give This Heart a Pen, a poetry collection by Sophia Thakur, and The Sisters of Straygarden Place, an enchanting middle grade story. I have my mini(ish) reviews below!

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August 2020 Wrap-Up: In Which Many Books Were Read

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As I am writing this post on the evening of August 30 and knowing there is no way I would be able to/want to finish my current read in 24 hours, I have read 19 books. I’m a bit astonished with myself. School months are always different, but last year, there was a point when I was not very motivated to read and was only able to read one book in the span of about four months, much to my frustration.

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Recommending Books Based on Phrases a Random Generator Gave Me

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I have something new today 😈. I honestly don’t remember what sparked this idea originally, but I’ve been thinking of how I don’t really recommend books on my blog! But with this post, I want to remedy that 😏. The books I’ve been reading this year are nothing short of incredible, so I hope I can highlight them (and other great books I’ve read in the past) with these recommendation posts!

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Review: The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

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Back in 2018 when I first read The Poppy War, it quite literally blew my mind. The Poppy War was such a game changer for me because it reconnected me with my Chinese history that I was only just really learning about. I recently read The Dragon Republic, the sequel, so here is my (hopefully) coherent review! If you have not read The Poppy War, I suggest not reading this as there will be spoilers for TPW in here.

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Review: The Paper Daughters of Chinatown by Heather B. Moore

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There’s a part of me that is glad I’m getting more critical of what I read, but at the same time, I just want to read good books that I love. Unfortunately, the review I have today is not a glowing one.

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Blog Tour: Body Talk Edited by Kelly Jensen

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I have an especially exciting post today! I’m thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy, an anthology edited by Kelly Jensen and featuring pieces by Tyra Banks, Aly Raisman, Shane Burcaw and names known in the literary world like Eric Smith, Roshani Chokshi, and Anna-Marie McLemore.

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